For Eidesvik sustainability is a strategic imperative for generating long-term value. We assess environmental, social and corporate governance issues and risks for all parts of our business and operations. 

As a central part of our strategy, sustainability is anchored with the Board of Directors (BoD) and the Executive Management Team.

Our 2023 ESG Report

Our priorities

Be a safe and fair employer

Reduce our emissions

Contribute to the energy transition

Be a responsible partner

Be a safe and fair employer


Safety is our number one priority.

We want to protect our people, the environmental and our business and eliminate fatalities, severe injuries and damages to company reputation or assets. To achieve our objective, we continuously implement measures to reduce risk exposure for our employees and third party, to minimize risk of environmental pollution, and to secure company reputation and assets.

Key figures for 2023



Diversity and Equality

Eidesvik believes that creating a diverse and inclusive working environment where all employees feel valued and have equal career opportunities is not only the right thing to do, but also financially beneficial for our business. Throughout our organization we have a high focus on retaining and developing our employees.

Key highlights for 2023

Trainee rate

Nationalities in workforce

Women in onshore positions

Reduce our emissions

Minimizing our emissions is a strategic priority for Eidesvik. We have been – we are – and we intend to remain – a spearhead in that process. We continuously improve our performance adapting to new available technology, increasing the value creation for both ourselves and our clients.

Within this work we can demonstrate a strong track record dating back to 2003 when we were the first offshore vessel owner to introduce the use of LNG, followed by fuel cells and batteries. We are actively engaged in both reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our fleet, and to contribute with the development of new technology that will reduce emissions for the benefit for both ourselves and our clients.

Our goal is to reduce our emissions by 50 % by 2030 and to have a climate neutral fleet by 2050.

Key highlights for 2023

Reduction in CO2 emissions
per operational day

Share of fleet with battery hybrid systems

Share of fleet with shore-based power

Contributing to the energy transition

For decades Eidesvik has had a vision of using as little fossil fuel as possible to minimise our emissions – resulting in a strong reputation as a pioneer in implementing new climate and environmental technologies, in both newbuilds and our existing fleet. We strongly believe that cooperation across the entire value chain is imperative for the energy transition, and our technology development projects are all examples of this.

Be a responsible partner

Through our operations and purchasing decisions we have an impact on social, environmental and economic conditions in our supply chain. Monitoring and addressing potential ESG risks in our supply chain strengthens trust in our business, and increases our preparedness for increasing regulations on due diligence in supply chains.

Our Counterparty Code of Conduct (CCoC)

Account of our Human Rights Due Diligence Process