Eidesvik Energy Efficiency Program

Our EEEP program is still as vital as ever. With our long-term focus and steady strategy on climate, environment and fuel saving for 20 years, we have managed to establish a company culture not only focused on technology, but also on the operational side of fuel and emission reductions. All activities have been thoroughly logged for eight years now, giving us vast datasets to support further improvements both on operations and technology.

A set of measures to reduce consumption and emissions have been defined and implemented throughout the fleet – without compromising on safety. We have quarterly meetings with key personnel onboard each vessel, analysing the trends together and bringing new knowledge again and again to each vessel and to the fleet in general. No technical solution or tool can deliver better than the limits of its operator, thus we are proud to say that our operators really holds the skills necessary.

Fuel and emission reductions is a part of Eidesvik main strategy, and there will always be room for further improvements. We have been – we are – and we intend to remain – an arrowhead in that process.