Eidesvik shows way in the battery hybrid revolution

With loads of operational data, a team of already very engaged personnel offshore and onshore, and a set of full-scale results from the testing onboard Viking Lady, we started the commercialization of battery hybrid systems for offshore use. First with Viking Queen in 2015, then peaking with the world’s first Battery Power notation given to Viking Energy in 2016, followed by the disruptive innovation of replacing a generator set with a battery system onboard Viking Princess in 2017. In 2019 we also brought batteries to the construction vessel segment by converting Seven Viking from diesel-electric to battery hybrid propulsion. By the end of Q1 2022 11 of the 12 vessels we currently have in operation will be equipped with a battery hybrid solution.

Batteries make energy systems on board our ships more intelligent and efficient, and the clear benefits are fuel savings and emission reductions. We are also seeing considerable reductions in maintenance cost as we reduce both the engine running hours and also the wear and tear on parts in the engine since the batteries allow us to operate the engines at more optimal load