Security Policy


Implemented all required measures to secure the vessel against intruders or others with intention to harm crew, vessel, cargo, or who has the intention to use vessel to harm others.

Comply with International Ship and Port Security Code (ISPS).

Comply with approved Ship Security Plan (SSP).


Master and or Ship Security Officer (SSO) shall:

  • Allocate additional personnel on watch when conditions in port or at sea requires
  • Implement all possible measures to prevent access of unauthorized persons to the ship in order to:
    • Protect individuals, property of crew members and passengers
    • Protect the environment, ship, property and cargo
  • Take seriously every warning or rumor of a security treat, given from contracting governments or others and handled in close coordination with the Company Security Officer (CSO)
  • Give all relevant employees:
    • Knowledge according to their role in SSP
    • Motivation to, not only to participate, but also suggest improvements to the security on board
    • Promoting security awareness in all activities

All employees shall:

  • Be responsible for their own performance according to the SSP