Health, Safety and Quality Policy

Health and Safety

The Company shall:

  • Prioritizing the protection of life and health
  • Plan, organize and perform all activities in a safe way
  • Avoid incidents and accidents
  • Identify hazardous operations
  • Perform risk assessment and tool box talks
  • Ensure equipment are well maintained
  • Have safe and effective procedures
  • Report all injuries, near misses and safety observations
  • Investigate and analysis reports as requested to prevent recurrence

Quality Assurance

The Company shall:

  • Comply with rules, regulations and standards concerning the activities
  • Have a commitment for a continuous improvement
  • Provide adequate financial and physical resources
  • Have a structured and systematic approach to  recruitment
  • Have training programs for personnel to sustain competitive position
  • Maintain a qualified organization suitable for the company’s activities
  • Ensure compliance with Eidesvik Management System
  • Policies to be reviewed annually
  • Fulfill contractual requirements
  • Continuously improve client relations 
  • Evaluate and respond to any recommendations and complaints as valuable information for improvement
  • Perform audits on all activities, and have systematic follow up of any findings
  • Facilitate in a professional manner for audits being performed by external parties   
  • Achieve financial returns in accordance with plan
  • Maintain sound financial position