Communication Policy


The Company shall communicate in a timely and relevant manner with broad distribution of information.


  • Support Company’s profile, vision, wanted standing, ethic values and social responsibility
  • Keep the owners and potential investors updated on information relevant for their interests
  • Keep the employees and their families informed
  • Keep Clients, potential Clients, vendors and other stakeholders informed


Release reports and information, which is sensitive to the pricing of the Company shares, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Do not give such information selectively to any single party or limited group unless it is necessary for a professional operation of the Company. In such case, the parties will agree on a secrecy statement to ensure that information is kept internally and that applicable laws and regulations for information flow and inside trading are complied with.

Make sure released information is accurate, correct, and relevant distributed in a way that makes it available to everybody simultaneously.  To achieve this, the main source for publication is the Oslo Stock Exchange Disclosure System and the Company’s web pages on Internet (

Hold open Company presentations in connection with the release of periodical financial reports.

Present information generally in both Norwegian and English. Nevertheless, some of the information may be given in Norwegian only, when relevant


The Board of Directors has appointed the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as editor and responsible for all information released by the Company. 

The CEO will appoint person responsible for Investor Relations and personnel authorized to act on his behalf to make statements to the media, to act as editor for web pages, social media and to act as editor or co-editor for any other written information released by the company, either internally or to the general public

No other personnel are allowed to make statements on behalf of the Company unless authorization has given by the CEO.