Successful completion of private placement


Bømlo, 2 March 2023: Reference is made to Eidesvik Offshore ASA’s (OSE: EIOF) (“EIOF” or the “Company”) stock exchange announcement dated 2 March 2023, regarding a contemplated partially underwritten conditional private placement of shares in the Company (the “Offer Shares”), raising gross proceeds of approximately NOK 105 to 130 million (the “Offer Size”) (the “Private Placement”). The net proceeds to the Company from the Private Placement will be used to fund the Company’s share of the equity in the joint venture with Reach Subsea, which main purpose is to acquire, own and operate the subsea IMR vessel “Edda Sun” (to be named “Viking Reach”) (the “JV Company”), working capital for the JV and general corporate purposes.

The Company is pleased to announce that the Private Placement has been successfully placed and will raise gross proceeds of approximately NOK 130 million, through the conditional allocation of 10,833,333 Offer Shares at a price per Offer Share of NOK 12 (the “Offer Price”).

The following persons discharging managerial responsibilities and their close associates have been allocated Offer Shares in the Private Placement:

· Eidesvik Invest AS, the Company’s largest shareholder and a close associate of the Company’s board members Borgny Eidesvik, Lars Eidesvik and Lauritz Eidesvik, and board observer Kjetil Eidesvik, was allocated 6,484,833 Offer Shares.

· Vest-Norsk Handelskompani AS, a close associate of the Company’s board member Kristine Elisabeth Skeie, was allocated 166,666 Offer Shares.

Detailed statutory information on the above trades will be disclosed separately following approval of the Private Placement by the EGM.

Following registration of the share capital increases pertaining to the Private Placement, the Company will have a share capital of NOK 3,649,166.65 divided into 72,983,333 shares, each with a nominal value of NOK 0.05.

Provided that the Conditions (defined below) are fulfilled, settlement of the Offer Shares is expected to take place on a delivery versus payment (DVP) basis on or about 28 March 2023. DVP settlement of the Offer Shares will be facilitated by a share lending agreement between the Company, the Manager and the Majority Shareholder (the “Share Lending Agreement”).

The completion of the Private Placement is subject to, inter alia, the following conditions (jointly, the “Conditions”); (i) an extraordinary general meeting (the “EGM”, to be held on or about 24 March 2023) in the Company resolving to approve the Private Placement and issue the Offer Shares and ancillary corporate resolutions to implement the Private Placement, including an authorisation to the Board to carry out the Subsequent Offering (as defined below); (ii) the Share Lending Agreement remaining unmodified and in full force and effect; and (iii) that the JV-Company has completed its acquisition of the subsea IMR vessel “Edda Sun” (to be named “Viking Reach”). No guarantee can be given that the required conditions will be met.

Applicants who have been allocated Offer Shares in the Private Placement and who hold shares in the Company as of the date of the EGM have undertaken to vote in favour of, or give a voting proxy to be used in favour of, the approval of the Private Placement and abovementioned corporate resolutions at the EGM.

The Private Placement has been considered by the Board in light of the equal treatment obligations under the Norwegian Securities Trading Act section 5-14, section 2.1 of the Oslo Rule Book II and Oslo Børs’ Circular no. 2/2014, and the Board is of the opinion that it is in compliance with these requirements and guidelines. The issuance of the new shares is carried out as a private placement to finance the Company’s share capital contribution in the JV Company, the running operational costs of the JV-Company and for general corporate purposes of the Company. By structuring the equity raise as a private placement, the Company was able to raise capital quickly and in an efficient manner. Furthermore, the Company has conducted a broad investor pre‐sounding process with existing and new investors to obtain the best possible terms for the Private Placement. Finally, in order to limit the dilutive effect of the Private Placement and give shareholders who did not participate in the Private Placement the opportunity to subscribe for shares at the Offer Price, the Board has proposed to carry out the Subsequent Offering. On the basis of the above, and an assessment of the current equity markets as advised by the Managers, the Company’s need for funding, deal execution risk and available alternatives, the Board is of the opinion that the waiver of the preferential rights inherent in the Private Placement is in the common interest of the Company and its shareholders.

The board of the Company has, subject to completion of the Private Placement, approval by the EGM and certain other conditions, resolved to carry out a subsequent offering of up to 2,000,000 new shares at the Offer Price (the “Subsequent Offering”), which, subject to applicable securities law, will be directed towards the Company’s existing shareholders at 2 March 2023 (as registered in the Norwegian Central Securities Depository (VPS) on 6 March 2023), who (i) were not included in the wall‐crossing phase of the private placement (ii) were not allocated shares in the private placement and (iii) are not resident in a jurisdiction where such offering would be unlawful, or (for jurisdictions other than Norway) would require any filing, registration or similar action of a registration document or prospectus. Completion of the Subsequent Offering will be subject to (i) completion of the Private Placement, (ii) relevant corporate resolutions including approval by the Board and the EGM, including a resolution by the EGM to grant the Board an authorisation to issue the new shares in the Subsequent Offering, (iii) prevailing market price of the Company’s shares, including the trading price of the Company’s shares exceeding the Offer Price and (iv) the approval and publication of an offering prospectus approved by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway, which will be issued as soon as practical following completion of the Private Placement. The subscription period for the Subsequent Offering will commence as soon as possible following the publication of such prospectus. The Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel the Subsequent Offering. A separate stock exchange notice will be made on key information for the Subsequent Offering.

Pareto Securities AS is engaged as the manager and bookrunner for the Private Placement and Advokatfirmaet Selmer AS is engaged as legal counsel to the Company.

For further information, please contact:
Helga Cotgrove, Chief Financial Officer
Phone: +47 90 73 52 46

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