– Proud to be an “Eidesvik product”

Our new Fleet Manager for Subsea & Offshore Wind, Øystein Våge, refers to himself as an “Eidesvik product”. He has risen through the ranks from Able Seaman to Master, and is now bringing his extensive operational experience ashore.

As Fleet Manager Subsea & Offshore Wind Øystein Våge will be responsible for day-to-day ship management of Eidesvik’s vessels within the Subsea and Offshore Wind segments. He comes from the position as Master on Seven Viking, and will start his new role in mid-September.

– As Fleet Manager my responsibilities will be to secure optimal operations of the vessels and to make daily life for the onboard crew easier. It also involves daily communication with customers, Våge says.

Øystein Våge is Eidesvik’s new Fleet Manager for Subsea & Offshore Wind.

Since joining Eidesvik in 2003, he has spent most of his working time on board subsea vessels. First as Able Seaman, then rising through the ranks as 2nd Mate, 1st Mate and Chief Officer, before being appointed Master on Subsea Viking and Seven Viking in 2012 and 2016 subsequently.  With additional experience from the company’s HR department and as site inspector during the construction of Viking Poseidon in 2009, Våge is a star example of the multiple career opportunities that exist for seafarers.

Våge has also been heavily involved in Eidesvik’s Energy Efficiency program (EEEP) that since 2014 has reduced the fleet’s emission by 10%. Together with his team he has also successfully operationalized the battery hybrid system onboard Seven Viking. The functionality and results of this installation is nothing but impressive!

– You can safely say that I am a product of Eidesvik. I have always enjoyed taking on new challenges, and I am very grateful for the development opportunities the company has offered throughout my career, he says.

Now Våge has decided to put his 20-year long sea voyage on pause and go ashore. In his ship’s sack, he brings close to 18 years’ of operational subsea experience.

– My journey in the company has allowed me to be involved in most of the processes and tasks performed on board a subsea vessel. This has given me extensive knowledge about our vessels and operations, and I believe this will be a big advantage in my new role, he says.

Never a dull day

Since the late 1990s, Eidesvik has developed its subsea capabilities from performing simple inspection, maintenance and repair duties (IMR) to delivering all types of advanced subsea services for worldwide clients – including complex operations in the subsea, umbilical, riser and flow lines (SURF) market. Offshore wind is another strategic vessel segment for Eidesvik, with a large potential in the years to come.

From managing one subsea vessel, Våge is now in charge of a series of vessels that delivers advanced services – often under severe conditions.

– Complicated and challenging is what makes our work exiting! The crew on these vessels count as much as 50-70 persons, which all shares the same focus of delivering the best solution to the customer. It is never a dull day, he says.

We wish Øystein Våge the best of luck in his new role!