All employees follow this policy


The Company shall:

  • Be in compliance with applicable environmental rules and regulations in all operations

  • Have a commitment for a continuous improvement

  • Provide adequate financial and physical resources

  • Be in compliance with the law "Lov 9. Mars 1973 nr. 14 (Røkeloven)" concerning smoking and use of e-cigarettes

  • Maintain and update environmental program

  • Establish specific targets and carry out measurement against such targets

  • Encourage to segregation and recycling of waste

  • Encourage customers to take environmental responsibility

  • Include environmental requirements in agreements with subcontractors

  • Report all environmental unwanted incidents

  • Record the environmental aspects and act according to their measures

  • Log the emission to air, releases to water, garbage and contamination to land

  • Support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges

  • Promote environmental responsibility and the development of environmental friendly technologies

  • Carry out environmental friendly maintenance of properties

  • Operate in a fuel efficient manner

  • Optimize use of fuel and electric power

  • Reduce harm of fuel emission gases to the environment

  • Avoid spill to the environment

Assist or perform service when pollution has occurred in an operational area.