The core values and ethical guidelines of Eidesvik Offshore ASA are stated in “Ethical guidelines and core values for Eidesvik Offshore ASA”, and the Company's social responsibility is stated in “Human rights policy” and “Environmental policy”. It is stated that the efforts to reach the business goals shall be carried out with a high ethical standard and in a manner that is as gentle as possible with regard to the environment and society. This means that we should act with respect and honesty towards clients, suppliers, employees, authorities, owners and society, and that the Company and the individual should comply with relevant legislation. The policy states that the Company and the individual employee should refrain from all forms of corruption, and it is stated how the Company’s employees should act if they are offered gifts or other benefits because of their employment. It is further stated that the Company and all employees shall comply with all recognized rules for human rights, including refraining from all forms of discrimination. No policy violations have been found in 2018.